Friday, January 4, 2013

Never Stop Learning

Ah, I have neglected this site for a while.. needless to say, hopes are that such neglect will not occur again. =)

Anyhow. School begins again on Monday!  I’m sure we are all having a lovely time adapting to that cruel thought.  Although I adore the smell of books and the satisfaction of academic achievement, every corner of my mind and soul is currently resisting the reality of school beginning again.

All the same, the picture below still holds true.  Never stop learning.

Breaks are truly blessings.  They allow us to breathe and rest - enjoying life with one less responsibility.  However, we should not forsake the virtue of learning amidst our lax time.  

Why do you think so many people grow old, calloused or miserly upon leaving systems of education?   It is simply because they categorize the art of learning as a period of time in their life they must endure, or complete for a “higher” goal.  They turn their brains off - allowing life to become mere habit.  Slowly, they grow unaware, then their minds blurred, and lastly blind to the beauty of learning.  Our ability to learn, rationalize, and love with both our hearts and minds is what puts us apart from the rest of creation - it is God’s image reflecting within us.  Learning should not be likened to merely dry history books, SAT/ACT prep, or dreary Algebra lessons... all that passes in time and is, by nature, exhaustible.  

But, learning - true learning - is to see the world around us and never cease to be amazed. 
It is the ability to say little, but think deeply.  
It is to love wisely. 
It is the child who asks too many questions. 
It is the echoes in the hallways of churches, long after services are over as the priests and laymen discuss the heavenly realm. 
It is the mother teaching her daughter to bake.
It is the tears of a tried and broken heart. 
It is the madness for an answer, yet the acceptance of mystery. 

...and it is the adventure that will never be completed.

Never stop learning, my friends.  When you rest, don’t rest.  Even when your mouth is shut and your hands inactive - keep your mind and heart forever open and alert.  Never allow yourselves to fall unaware of what you are given. 

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