Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Creative Writing #7

I am inconsequential. Just standing here, in a crowd of a thousand or more people.  It is just me.  Me and this airport.  For the first time, it is only me and the world.  No other barriers or protections. They say this is one of the busiest airports in US.  I believe that, wholeheartedly.  The previous flight has left me thoroughly exhausted, but I still need to navigate my way through this maze of people, to the parking lot, which holds a car and father who will take me back to familiarity.  But, I don’t move.  I just stand here, watching these people pass.   Not only is this airport foreign to me, but so are the thousands of shapes that walk speedily past me and my small suitcase.  How odd it would seem if all of us here stopped and observed each other.  We might just learn something, I suppose.  Maybe about each other. About ourselves.  Maybe if the whole world did that for a few measly seconds, we might not have quite as much strife.  Or maybe it would destroy the world, to look beyond itself for a single moment in time.  Yet, I certainly know something I never knew before.  I am a small soul - one of millions that walk this lovely earth.  I have the rare privilege of seeing so many faces congregated together, so many destinies passing each second, so many stories in all their eyes.   It is so different from any other place - this airport, that is.  No city, town, or community can really compare.  And in many ways, I hope they never do compare to this.  It is so very saddening to see so much human potential fade with a pressed schedule, a late flight, or rushing home.  Such speed.  And, they miss so much.  I’m comforted, though, to see modest glimpses of joy found in this speedy, ambitious current of people.  Next to me stands an officer about to leave for duty again - he smiles happily at everyone passing, although many will never think twice about the sacrifices he is making for their own happiness.  The janitor or little gentleman does a kind deed for humanity, which for a while, stabilizes this chaos.  The world is so magnificently big and all its grandeur culminates in this place to travel, yet simultaneously, it is the smaller than anything I’ve experienced. 

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