Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Calvin Jones

This man’s music is amazing.  I absolutely adore playing his compositions.   The first and only time I saw him perform was the day my love for music, specifically piano, was reignited.  =)

This is my all time favorite song by him.  Forgive the rather cheesy intro, haha, but it’s possibly the ONLY youtube video he has actually made.  The only other ways to hear the other songs is over CD, playing it yourself, or going to a concert.  Otherwise, I’d post a million other songs with this one.  

Performing Whitewater Chopped Sticks is possibly the most fun I have ever had when it comes to piano.  I love drawing out a stunted and primitive Chopped Sticks beginning just to see the aghast expression of the audience, then jumping right into the actual song.  :D And it just makes me so happy that the entire composition is based on the chord structure of Chopped Sticks, the song we all learn our first piano lesson.  

Maybe someday I’ll find the time to do covers on all the other songs I love from him... haha. 

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