Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pens and Perception

I was skimming Pinterest the other day and stumbled across some curious "pins" which caused me to stop and think a bit....maybe some of you could also give your thoughts?

With regard to the above images... for those who can't read the small script, the first one says, "If I tell you there are mountains, you will imagine them as such."  Directly next to it, the graphic and witty pun talking about the positive effect of writing.  How do these two relate?

Whoever said that pens and pencils are "weapons of mass creation" either 1) had been studying far too long for exams and the erasers of pencils were nubs - their rubbery pink fuzz scattered across the table.  Or, 2) meant something beyond just the "positive" effect of words - perhaps their ability to cause mass harm or change perception.

How does that relate to the funny black triangles next to it?  Perhaps what great influence words have on how someone perceives reality.   Those triangles could be anything - they may not even be considered triangles by some.

To a lost tribe in South America, they may represent the heads of arrows.  As a father, covered in the yellow and red paint of a warrior, is telling his story to his son.

To native Americans, the shapes could easily be analogous to the charred and burning teepees that beckoned them longingly as they began their Trail of Tears.

To a Christian, it may very well be an icon of the Trinity.

To a Muslim, it is just another geometric and calligraphic shape to add to a newly handmade transcription of the Koran, since they are not allowed to depict animals or humans.

But, he said they were mountains and it takes a lot of effort to forget that, doesn't it?  His words were weapons of mass creation inside your imagination.  Imagine what the words we have heard all our lives have done - both for better or for worse.

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