Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

Thanksgiving is the best smelling holiday known to the world.  There is absolutely no debating that fact.  We Americans certainly know how to feast. =D  

Anyway, I had some leisure time now and then today to take photos in the midst of baking, cooking, trampolining, driving to the grocery store a number of times, eating, watching White Christmas, making camp fires and all the other activities which surround this holiday. 

Mulled Cider, strawberries, and a doughnut muffin for breakfast... 

Mulled Cider

The Angel Biscuits baking. Which, by the way, taste amazing with cranberries and cream cheese. :D

Dad and Jessie Mae sitting by a smoky fire.  I smell like a camp fire. And I LOVE it. 

Prepping the dining room table. 

Jessie playing with her dolls.

The candle Mom saved for Thanksgiving. :D

The traditionally annual thermal effect webcam photo with Jessie. ;) 

Messing around. =)

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